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Redeem United States Savings Bond at CCFCU.

Thanks to a partnership forged between the area credit unions, Comanche County Federal Credit Union members may use their Atm/Debit card surcharge free at the following credit union atm machines.In addition there will be no transaction fee when you use these atm machines.

  • Comanche County Federal Credit Union
  • Ft. Sill Federal Credit Union
  • Southwest Oklahoma Federal Credit Union
  • Communications Federal Credit Union
  • Red River Federal Credit Union

Traveling? Contact Us To Secure Access to Your Account

Please call CCFCU at 580-353-3755 for us to make a note about the dates and places you will be traveling with your CCFCU debit card or credit card.

For your protection, our card service monitors your debit and credit cards for fraud. If the system identifies transactions that seem different from your normal activity and seem suspicious, a temporary block may be placed on your card to prevent anyone from using your card fraudulently.

By asking us to place a note on your account prior to your trip, you ensure continued access to your account. By providing your cell number, you ensure we can reach you if we have concerns about your card.

Due to high fraud rates, several countries have limited or blocked card services, please contact CCFCU if you plan to travel to a foreign country.